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Cel-Fi GO Telstra Mobile Repeater Booster for Vehicles

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The Cel-Fi GO for Telstra will boost voice and mobile internet for multiple mobile devices.
Cel-Fi GO Repeater is LEGAL for use in Australia and APPROVED for use by Mobile Network Operators.

* This listing is for just the Cel-Fi GO repeater. Coax cables and antennas are not included. Please refer to Related Products for Coax and Antenna Options.
It is not just an amplifier, but a Smart Repeater which dynamically adjusts its gain and connection status to provide optimum mobile signal quality. Improves the coverage and quality of 3G/4G mobile signal Trucks, Cars, Motorhomes, Campers etc.
As the signal available from the mobile network drops, the Cel-Fi repeater increase its boost level by up to 70dB drastically reducing dropped calls and slow data in mobile black spots.

  • Designed for fixed vehicle installations.
  • Up to 70dB of dynamic system gain.
  • SMA type outdoor antenna connection for mobile network connection (Network Antenna).
  • SMA connector for attaching for indoor coverage antenna (Distribution Antenna).
  • Locked to Telstra's Mobile Network.
  • Carrier approved and legal for use in Australia.
  • Band Selection Button - Note that the GO will connect via only one band at a time.
  • Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers

Stationary Cel Fi GO repeater for Buildings Notes regarding 3G and 4G mode selection.
Cel-Fi GO will boost a single band at a time, connecting via 3G 850, 4G 700 or 4G 1800. It will not boost 3G and 4G at the same time. Unless you specifically require 4G, it is highly recommended to leave the GO in 3G mode to ensure voice calls are received. Voice over 4G (VoLTE or Vo4G) will only work in selected areas and with later model phones.

This version does not include any Coax cables or Antennas antenna. This kit can be connected to existing 3G/4G antennas and is a good replacement for illegal repeaters. Please select the coax cable needed, external network antenna and internal distribution antennas.

money-back-guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee*
If you are not 100% happy with the performance of this product it can be returned within 30 days after purchasing for a full refund minus any shipping charges.

Cel-Fi is covered by a 24 month warranty.

Want to learn more about the legal situation of Repeaters and Boosters in Australia, visit www.mobilephonebooster.com.au for further information.

® is a registered trade mark of Telstra Corporation Limited. ABN 33 051 775 556

*Note that this guaranty assumes that there is actually signal available to your location.

More information regarding mobile boosters and repeaters:

ACMA - Mobile Phone Boosters banned - Information for consumers
ACMA - Mobile Phone Repeaters - Information for consumers
ComLaw - Telecommunications (Prohibition of Mobile Phone Boosters) Declaration 2011
ComLaw - Radiocommunications Regulations 1993
Mobile Network Guide - Australia's Guide to the Mobile Networks

Service Carrier :
  • Telstra - Aldi Mobile, Boost Mobile, Woolworths Mobile
Compatible Services (Band):
  • 3G 850MHz (B5)
  • 4G 700MHz (B28)
  • 4G 1800MHz (B3)

Cel-Fi GO for Vehicle - Quick Start Guide (Cel-Fi-GO-user-guide.PDF, 804 Kb) [Download]

Cel-Fi GO for Vehicle - Brochure (CelFi-GO-Telstra-Mobile.pdf, 1,043 Kb) [Download]

Mobile Repeater Pack includes:

  • Cel-Fi GO for Mobile Model
  • 12V Power Plug
Coax Cables, Outdoor 3G/4G Network and Coverage/Distribution antennas also available.

UMTS/3G 850 - Band 5
Uplink: 824-849 MHz, Downlink: 869-894 MHz
4G/LTE 700/1800 - Band 28/3
Uplink: 703–733 MHz, Downlink: 758–788 MHz
Uplink: 1710–1785 MHz, Downlink: 1805–1880 MHz
(Will boost only one band at a time)




Up to 100dB system gain (Go Stationary)
Up to 70dB system gain (Go Mobile)


Will boost signal between these levels:
3G: -80dBm and -104dBm
4G: -95dBm and -119dBm


Button for band selection:
3G: 850
4G: 700 or 1800 (strongest signal)
AUTO: 850, 700 or 1800 (strongest signal)


H: 28mm
W: 87mm
L: 255mm
Weight: 600g

Operating Temperature: 0° to 65°C
Storage Temperature: -25° to 65°C
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
12 VDC via external supply
External Supply: 12V
Power Consumption: <15W
External Antenna Ports:
Donor and Service SMA Female
Programming Ports:
Bluetooth Low Energy
24 months

CE Mark


Setup Instructions

Install your booster – follow the instructions in the separate Quick Start Guide which was included in the box. Quick Start Guides can be downloaded from the individual Product pages. Wait for the system to start up and complete the network selection. This can take between 5 to 7 minutes. When this process is complete, some devices will display an error message indicating that registration is required.

If you have an Apple or Android device



Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “CEL-FI WAVE” to download our free app. The app connects to your Cel-Fi device via Bluetooth (Requires Bluetooth 4.1 and Android 4.3 or newer).
Note: that your device will need internet access to use the Wave app. If the cel-fi is not connecting to the service, your device will need internet access via its own WiFi or Mobile Broadband.

App Store       Play Store


Launch the WAVE app in close proximity to the Coverage Unit. The WAVE app will automatically connect to the Cel-Fi CU.

USB Connection - Prefered Method

Note: Your PC will need internet access to use the Wave app as it is a cloud application. Either via the Cel-Fi or the PC's own WiFi / Broadband connection.



Download Cel-Fi WAVE App:

Windows       OSX


Attach a micro USB cable from your computer to the Cel-Fi Coverage Unit and launch the WAVE computer application.


Get More from Cel-Fi WAVE

Cel-Fi WAVE is an application available on both smartphones and desktop computers that allows users to interact with Cel-Fi, to access advanced and supplementary features.


Glance-able view to the state of your Cel-Fi environment.


Change the default Operator, select external antenna per band, name your booster, and more.

Advanced Mode:

Get a real-time technical overview of the installation of your Cel-Fi Booster.

Booster Updates:

Keep your Cel-Fi Booster up-to-date as new software versions become available.