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Cel-Fi GO Car Kit Installation Instructions

How to Install Cel-Fi GO Car Kit

Alternate antenna and mounting locations and suggestions as to the performance you can expect.

The Setup

The recommended setup is with the Network Antenna (outdoor) mounted on the roof, the Cel-Fi GO mounted under the seat and the Service Antenna (indoor) on the dashboard facing the passengers.



How to Maximise the Performance:

The greater the isolation between antennas, the higher the boosted signal will be within the car.
Each installation will be different, The indoor or outdoor antenna positioning of one vehicle may not suit all vehicles.

  • Isolate the Network antenna from the Service antenna as much as possible.
  • Testing has proven that the metal roof provides a barrier between the two antennas.
  • Maximize the distance between and position the antennas at different levels to help achieve the best separation
  • Optimum separation is shown in the WAVE App by a ‘BOOST’ number of 7 to 9.
  • Having the Network antenna as high as possible on the outside of the car.
  • Tinted windows can also assist with isolating the antennas.



Outdoor Antenna Setup


Cel-Fi GO Booster for Sedan


Cel-Fi GO Booster for Hatch-back


Cel-Fi GO Booster for Station-wagon

Running the Cable


To get the cable into the car interior, find a gap between the doors or boot and the car body.

  • Ensure the gap is large enough not to squash the cable and you can freely wiggle the cable when the door is shut. The rubber door seals can be pulled out and the cable placed under the rubber.
  • The interior plastics or carpet can be then used to hide the cable.
  • It is important not the run the cable in front of any airbags or airbag panels.
  • Do not in areas where the cable could be crushed or punctured by moving doors or seats.
  • If you have to drill any holes or puncture the door rubbers, be sure that you use sealant to ensure it will not result in water entering the cabin. Automotive and/or neutral cure silicon is a good sealant.


Mounting the GO


Mount the Cel-Fi GO in a location where it will not be disturbed.

  • The most common place to mount the GO is either under a seat or under the centre console.
  • The mounting spot should ideally have some airflow, be safe from bumps and within range of a 12v power source.
  • Screws are included with the GO, but the easiest way to mount is with industrial adhesive Velcro.
  • If you do not plan on using the WAVE App with GO, then you will need to maintain access to the band selection button on the front of the casing. Alternately use the App to switch between bands if the GO is well hidden from access.
  • Ideally, don't permanently mount GO until you find the optimal antenna positions.


Connecting to Power


GO comes with a 12v power lead with a cigarette lighter socket fitted, this is the easiest way to mount GO. If you want the power hidden away, then a licensed auto electrician can hard wire to your vehicles 12V system.

Some vehicles include a hidden cigarette lighter socket, such as in the centre console box where you can drill a hole through the bottom to run the power cable for a cleaner install.


Mounting the Indoor Antenna


The small panel antenna will radiate the mobile signal out in a bubble pattern, so ideally needs to point towards the passengers. It has an adhesive backing for attaching to a flat surface.
Common places to mount the antenna include the dashboard, front windscreen pillars, sun visors, rear vision mirror or centre console.

** Keep in mind the required isolation as detailed above.


TESTING – Outdoor Antenna Positions

You can experiment with different outdoor antenna positions and observe the affect on performance.

  • With the indoor antenna mounted on the dashboard pointing towards the passengers, and a mobile phone secured to the drivers headrest obtain signal strength readings from the phone.
  • Use the WAVE App to read the Boost and the input signal measurement from the external antenna.

Heres an example of our testing, yours will be different.

Mobile Phone Booster


TESTING – Indoor Antenna Positions

You can experiment with different indoor antenna positions and observe the affect on performance.

  • With the external antenna in the centre of the roof, the internal antenna move around to see how this affects performance to a phone attached to the drivers headrest.
  • Signal RSSI is measured from the phone.
  • Input signal from the external antenna is measured in the WAVE App.

Heres an example of our testing, yours will be different.



Distance from Antenna vs Signal Strength

The further you are away from the indoor antenna, the less the signal strength your phone will receive.

Heres an example of our testing.go-BOOSTER-distance-test-cel-fi

Summary and Conclusion

There are a few factors that determined how well the Cel-Fi GO will boost the phone signal.

  • Boost applied by the GO.
  • Signal strength available from the Mobile Cell Tower
  • The position, height and gain of the external antenna.
  • Quality of the installation with regards to isolation between the indoor antenna from the outdoor antenna.
  • Optimal antenna positions will not be the same for all vehicles.
  • It is important to test the input signal and the boost in the WAVE App before permanently mounting the antennas.