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Reversing Sensors

Once you have them, you’ll never look back.  Parking sensors save bumpers, save red faces and save lives. The true freedom of motor-genius extends to the sense of comfort knowing that you can back into a parking space or out of your driveway and know your limits. Reversing cameras or reverse sensor parking give drivers that ability to relax and never worry about parking in tight spots again.So, what are the options? If you’re tossing up between a wireless reversing camera or a reverse sensor package, do your homework first, to decide which is best for your needs. Widely acknowledged and supported for their ability to increase driver and vehicle safety, reversing sensors are an incredibly worthwhile and important feature of any vehicle that will help to give the driver peace of mind and increased confidence when travelling in reverse gear.

You may decide to go with our Strike Black and Chrome Reverse Parking Sensor range, an economical (and effective) option to the reversing camera solution. These units are reliable, discreet and affordable.  Our Chrome Reverse Parking Sensors are a stylish addition to your vehicle that does not require painting to match your car. They one of the few chrome units in the country and are great for vehicles with a steel bumper bar, including dual cab utes. These units come complete with sensor heads, a reversing sensor harness, reversing sensor buzzer

If you are looking for total protection, then why not try our Strike Complete Parking Assist System. This complete car reversing sensor item has eight sensors, four for the front and four for the rear. It also features a LCD screen that provides visual warnings when obstacles obstruct the vehicle. The sensor heads are much smaller (18.5mm) and are extremely popular amongst a wide range of installers. This parking sensor system features anti-false alert technology, to avoid the unit playing up in bad weather (heavy rain can affect the detection systems in some cheaper reverse sensor units). With its intelligent detection design it is great for vehicles with a tow-bar or spare tyre.

Of course, these reversing sensors must be installed by a professional.  However, once again, this product is an example of our belief that technology should serve us by making our lives safer, easier and more fun. Installing a reverse camera or reverse sensor on your car is a necessity, not a luxury. Given that they assist you to prevent accidents; you'll save funds in the long run by keeping insurance charges low. Without sensors to alert you when you are about to hit something, you could have greater chances of damaging not just your bumpers but properties and lives also. If that’s not enough to convince you, nothing will.

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